Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Few More Friends

Here are just a few more examples of hair and clothing styles.  
Each doll is one of a kind! :)

These just show the short vs. long hair.

No pigtails.  Cute flower.  She almost looks polynesian with her long dress and flower in her hair.

I've been told this one looks like Coraline.  Not my intention, but I'll take it. :)

I love the little beanie on this one and the thinner blonde hair.

Just some different clothes.  Shirt and skirt vs. a full dress.  Lots of options.


I was playing around with color and decided to try a rainbow doll.  She turned out so cute!  I love all the color and the brightness.  What a great personality.

I also decided to play around with monochromatic dolls and came up with these.  I love the shades and the fuzz on the blue dress.  Any color available.


These are my little cheerleaders. Being in Utah, I began with a red one and a blue one. :) 
Obviously they could be done in any school colors.

The Wizard of Oz collection

I had a blast coming up with the designs and accessories for these dolls.  
My husband requested these and it took some time to figure out how to adjust my basic doll to make these cuties, but I think they turned out great.
They are available individually or as a set.


Tin Man


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


These are some cute twins I made for some even cuter twins - Augusta and June!

Can't tell you whose is whose, they'll have to fight that out. Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ethnic Dolls

These are some of the cutest dolls I've made. The Rasta Boy is my favorite. He comes with Rasta-colored clothes and beads in his hair. Also available in girl-form. :)

I also make dolls in darker or lighter colors. These are my Hispanic dolls.  What do you think?

Basic Dolls

These are examples of my basic dolls. Boy or girl, a simple outfit and A LOT of hair! :)

I make them with lots of color and can make them to suit your child (or yourself ;)). Choose your eye color, hair color, clothing color/style and even length of hair.

The pigtails in the girls are all able to be taken out so the hair can be changed or played with (this is my daughter's favorite thing).

The clothes are pretty tight-fitting, but can be removed and changed. Additional clothes are available for purchase.